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In this murk of COVID – 19, a fear and anxiety looming large over the entire globe. Our state and city are of no difference. In this viscid peril of pandemic, our existing ailments are obscured. Sometimes we are deliberately hiding our diseases or deterring treatment especially in case of surgical illness. But this attitude towards surgical conditions especially the benign ones leads to complications which are grave and sometimes even beyond salvage e.g a gall stone which reminds you about it’s presence with little pain and obviously subdued now, may force you to land in emergency due to acute gall stone pancreatitis which is life threatening, or an apparently asymptomatic hernia which is treatable by laparoscopic surgery with an ease, can get stuck demanding emergency surgery which may cost your life or may give you a miserable cure. The scenario is even more worse for surgical disorders requiring major and complex procedures including cancer surgeries. But the actual situation is somewhat opposite. It is absolutely safe and sound to undergo laparoscopic surgeries e.g for gall stone disease, hernia as well as bariatric surgery. But one thing should be kept in mind that those who have acquired covid 19 and also harbour any surgical illness, should defer the surgery till recovery unless it is a surgical emergency as in presence of covid 19 inside body, chance of morbidity and mortality may increase in the post operative period. So if you are  cohabiting with any surgical illness, consult your surgeon up-front for possible surgical remedy.

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