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Bariatric Surgery is unnecessary

It is an age old notion that diet and exercise alone are sufficient to fight with obesity and to win the battle. So bariatric surgery is unnecessary. But the fact is that morbid obesity is resistant to such conservative approach. It is scientifically proved globally that bariatric surgery is the only ray of hope in this situation not only for weight reduction but also for amelioration of life threatening comorbidities.

Bariatric Surgery is Risky

Every surgery on earth has it’s own chances of complication so as true for bariatric surgery. But chances are very less even in comparison with other common laparoscopic surgeries and risks are far more high in case of untreated morbid obesity.

Bariatric Surgery Requires No Dietary Modification

Dietary modification is definitely a prerequisite for the success of this surgery. Otherwise there happens weight regain.

Bariatric Surgery has Cosmetic Value Only

Once again it is to be emphasized that obesity is a disease which in it’s own merit and also by inviting other comorbidities holds a threat
to life. So the objectives of bariatric surgery are not only just weight reduction but also amelioration of comorbidities which in true sense improves the longevity and quality of life.

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