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Appendicitis is our good old enemy. But unfortunately, still a substantial number of people seek medical advice with a complication of appendicitis. So I will try to break some ice about this disease.
Appendix is an organ attached with colon, a tube in our body that is a vessel of our stool. It is located in our right lower abdomen.
So, a pain primarily felt in the right lower abdomen or primarily around navel and then shifted to right lower abdomen with loss of appetite, nausea with or without vomiting should not be neglected. Even mild fever may accompany.
All these are features of acute appendicitis. The only treatment is surgery in which the diseased appendix is removed.
In our hospital, it is routinely done by laparoscopy, so patients experience very little pain and a very fast recovery and a very early return to normal life.
But if this disease is neglected, then either the appendix form a lump making surgical solution out of the basket or it may rupture which can even cost life.
Another form of this disease is also apparent, that is recurrent appendicitis which causes the symptoms I’ve already discussed, but in a milder and chronic form. It actually spoils the day to day routine, even loss of work.
Here is also the solution is laparoscopic removal of the diseased appendix.
One last thing I want to share is that, even in this present time of covid – 19, nothing should inhibit you in the hour of emergency due to acute appendicitis from seeking medical help and it is absolutely safe to undergo laparoscopic surgery for acute as well as recurrent appendicitis.
So be aware.
Don’t hesitate to seek medical help at any hour.
Together we can win the battle.

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